RAM S.R.L. was founded in 2013

was founded in 2013

thanks to the synergy of two leading entities in engineering project, development and assembly services.

RAM S.r.l.'s production focuses on creating prototypes or small series; the milling heads and machine tools manufactured in-house are the result of a deep-rooted enthusiasm for technology, driven by our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers. Looking ahead, we plan to primarily concentrate on the machine tool sector to develop new specific competencies.

Machine tools and accessories for every type of setup.

For manufacturers seeking increased productivity, RAM S.r.l. designs custom milling solutions that seamlessly integrate into your production lines, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

The company carries out any type of interfacing and modification on old setups in order to optimize them, also working on now obsolete solutions, with the aim of improving the automation and technical characteristics of the system itself.
RAM S.r.l. also produces accessories for machine tools (tables, heads, warehouses, etc.) developing diversified solutions according to the type of installation.

Production process

We offer a comprehensive service, including feasibility studies in the initial phase and integration of new components with existing ones during product development.

We supervise every phase of product development: from its ideation to the creation of new prototypes.

Discover how to optimize your production
with our tailor-made solutions.

Ram S.r.l. can support its customers during all stages
of product development and industrialization.

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