Universal heads

testa tbr


Two axes milling heads, central body at 45°.

Suitable for both vertical and horizontal machine tools.

Placement: axes with hirt ring (144 o 360positions ) or continuous placement (360.000 positions).

Versions for milling ,turning (*), and high speed drilling.

Adaptability to machine tools both in integral configuration and as interchangeable accessory.

Cone/Taper with ISO, HSK and CAPTO options

*All the versions can be provided with turning system with clamping spindle through hirt

Technical data

Power: from 27 to 40 kw

Torque: from 700 to 1400Nm

Speed: from 3000 to 6000 rpm


pdf TBR100 standard version

pdf TBR100T standard version with turning system

pdfTBR100.hs high speed version

pdfTBR75C.hs high speed and continous placement version

pdfTBR150 high torque standard version