Angular heads

testa angolari


Milling heads with orthogonal axis.

Suitable for both vertical and horizontal machine tools.

Placement: axes with hirt ring (144 o 360 positions ) continuous placement (360.000 positions).

Milling ,turning (*), and high speed drilling versions.

Adaptability to machine tools both in integral configuration and as interchangeable accessory.

Taper with ISO, HSK and CAPTO options

(*)All versions can be provided with turning system with clamping spindle through Hirt.

Technical data

Power: from 30 to 40

Torque: from 800 to 1100 Nm

Speed: until 6000 rpm.


pdfTO80S short standard version

pdfTO80S high speed short standard version

pdfTO80L long option version

pdfTO110S high speed short standard version

pdfTO110L long option version